7 Best Personal Assistant App For iPhone 2021

Best Personal Assistant App For iPhone

This article will reveal the best personal assistant app for iPhone; although there are many assistant apps online, not all are good enough. That’s why I’ve done a good reached and discover the best ones for all iPhone users.

This iPhone assistant app is useful and very helpful. The AppApp can do many things on your iPhone, for example, providing the correct answers to your questions, setting the alarm, saving your reminders, and much more.

Guess what? Almost all the assistant apps listed below are incredibly free of charge. Yes, you heard me. You are not going to pay a dime before you can install any one on your iPhone.

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Best Personal Assistant App For iPhone

Below is the list of the best and recommended assistant apps for the iPhone. Go ahead and choose the one that is preferable to you.

1.24me Smart Personal Assistant

24me is one of the best personal assistant apps for Android and iPhone. Guess what? The AppApp has already helped millions of personalities to expand their productivity, and the app is still ready to help you. The AppApp has an exemplary user interface and very easy to use. “24me Smart Personal Assistant App” is a perfect and recommended app for iPhone and Android devices that anyone can use to build their digital life.

Below are the features of the app.

  • Voice recognition.
  • Voice search.
  • Share.
  • Day scheduler.
  • Go-to calendar/reminders.
  • ETC


  1.  Google Assistant

 best personal assistant app for iPhone

 Google assistant is also one of the best, famous, and recommended assistant apps after 24me. Ask it a question or ask it to do something for you, such as calling your girlfriend, sending text messages, and much more. Google Assistant allows you to get helpful answers and get things done while on-the-go.


  1. Cortana

Cortana personal assistant is a bit different from the ones above. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of iPhone’s best assistant apps. This assistant app is going to help you accomplish more with less stress. Microsoft built this excellent personal assistant app to help you find what you need without wasting much time and efforts. Cortana will help you send emails or text messages without much effort or time, manage your iPhone calendar, and deliver on your commitments so things don’t fall through the cracks. The AppApp will also help you manage lists, find information, and most importantly, give you reminders. Guess what? Cortana assistant app is available on the app store free of charge.


  1. My Personal Secretary – Voice Assistant

Best Personal Assistant App For iPhone

This assistant app is one of the new modern best personal assistant apps for the iPhone. The AppApp is straightforward to use, and it also has a good user interface. “My Personal Secretay” allows you to run a search with your voice instead of text. The AppApp runs faster than typing on your iPhone keyboard. In the future, the app will probably become the best assistant.

Below are the features of “My Personal Secretay.”

  • The AppApp has more than 40 Languages with 62 Different Voices.
  • The AppApp allows you to run your exploration with voice instead of writing long text.
  • The AppApp requires an external mic to work correctly.
  • The AppApp runs faster than typing on your iPhone keyboard.
  • The AppApp requires a Wi-Fi connection or network connectivity to work correctly.
  • The AppApp will automatically correct any blunder or spelling mistakes.
  • The AppApp can translate to more than 32 Languages
  • The AppApp has an excellent speech recognition algorithm.
  • The AppApp has text to Speech Translation.
  • The app support 23 languages.
  • Recognize the end of speech option.
  • Recording starts and ends confirmation sound.
  • Retina display universal AppApp


  1. Haptik Personal Assistant

Although Haptik is not popular in all countries; however, it doesn’t change the fact that Haptic is the best personal assistant app for iPhone; the AppApp was built for Indians. Still, it’s available for everyone in any part of the world. The AppApp is an adorable assistant app that can help you with your daily activities. Hence, the app allows you to book flights, uber, pay your electricity bills, and much more. AT least I forget, the apps offer daily motivational quotes to keep your spirit high. Haptik is in partnership with some local and international companies such as Amazon, Uber, and others to enhance its services. It is also completely free to use.


  1. Voice Answer

Voice Answer is a premium assistant app for Android and iPhone that can help you boost your productivity. The AppApp allows you to run a voice search and save yourself the stress of writing a long text, post directly to your Facebook wall, set reminders, know current weather reports, play songs, and much more. The AppApp costs $3.99 only.


  1. Butler Roy: Calendar & To-dos

Don’t be choked if I rate “Butler Roy” as the best personal assistant app for iPhone. Although it doesn’t have many features, the app has an exemplary user interface and very easy to use. However, the AppApp mainly centers on the Calendar and To-dos, and it has a path to more than 9.5 calendars of sports teams, TV shows, MOON phases, public holidays, and many more. Guess what? “Butler Roy” is the best AppApp to know about the next holiday, events or when next your best football team have a match. “Butler Roy” is a premium app, and you can get it for $8.99 on the App Store.



Now you’ve seen the best personal assistant app for iPhone. Hence, go and ahead and download the one that is preferable to you and enjoy it. However, the recommended assistant apps are “24me Smart Personal Assistant” and “Google Assistant.”

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